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Illuminating Leaders: Phebe Hawes

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Luminary Alum Phebe Hawes has big ideas…

Phebe Hawes

Phebe Hawes is a lifelong Unitarian Universalist (UU), from the Westminster Unitarian Church (WUC) in East Greenwich, RI. She graduated in the Class of 2015 from North Kingstown High School, and attended Summer Seminary in Boston in 2013.

Summer Seminary helped her define her call to ministry, and her involvement in her church, and the greater UU community. Since then, she has participated in a number of functions and served her church in many ways, from babysitting to helping lead worship services, leading youth group and planning cons, and participating in social justice work in the community,  from Black Lives Matter rallies to volunteering at the Sharing Locker, a non-food pantry run by WUC. She attended General Assembly 2014 in Providence, where she was a part of the Synergy service, and there, learned how to become a Luminary Leader

Phebe’s former Director of Religious Education, Ann Kadlecek, says, “Phebe is passionately interested in becoming a UU minister. She is bright, articulate and thoughtful.”

Phebe says:

Ministry has called me from an early age. My first real role model was [my congregation’s] interim  minister… I wrote my first sermon in 8th grade; my Coming of Age credo statement. I’ve always been pretty good at essays but my credo statement was more of a challenge and I loved it. Ever since, every minister I’ve met, I ask how they write their sermons and how they were called to the ministry in the first place.

Phebe aspires to work in ministry and faith development one day, and is proud to be a UU. In this coming year, she hopes to further increase her efforts for Black Lives Matter, and bringing her church into the 21st century interfaith community.

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