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General Assembly is jam packed with tons of amazing programing. There’s no way you could do it all, so be strategic in how you plan out your own schedule. Use this blank grid to fill in your schedule. Check out these highlights in the GA Youth Caucus room and throughout General Assembly.

If you want to check out the entire schedule:

Download the daily programming PDF and check out the Business Agenda to see the full range of what’s offered at General Assembly, including workshop descriptions. Note: all Youth Caucus workshop descriptions are included in these resources.

Download the GA App for a digital copy of the Program Book content, as well as a number of other tools.

Youth Caucus Highlights

Remember, Youth-Sponsor Orientation Wednesday at 4:00pm is mandatory. Everything else is up to you.

Youth Caucus Worship – Youth will have their own opening worship on Wednesday evening at 9:30 pm following the Opening Celebration. Don’t miss Saturday’s Song Worship with YA@GA for a spiritually uplifting experience.

Creating Connections – On Thursday morning and Friday and Saturday afternoon, Youth Caucus offers three workshops with connections as a central theme. On Thursday (10:45 am) the workshop emphasizes Youth Group Games that you can learn to lead and take home. Friday’s Songcial Justice workshop (3:00pm) takes a look at the role music has played in social justice movements in history and today. Saturday’s Common Action for Common Good workshop (4:45 pm) will help you find new ways of connecting with your peers to accomplish work across spiritual lines.

Be the Change – (Saturday at 3:00) Build your anti-racism and intercultural skills through discussions about the role of race, identity and justice in living out our faith.

Intersections in Spiritual Identities For UU – Thursday afternoon (1:15 pm) find out what it’s like to be a UU Pagan, UU Muslim, UU Buddhist or a UU Christian.

Business Matters – There are opportunities every day for youth to get involved with the business of the Association. Come to the Involved Youth Strategy Session on Thursday (3:00 pm) for an introduction to business of our association. Friday (1:15 pm) is your chance to talk with the UUA’s 2017 Presidential Candidates and tell them how you think we can build a new way.

Games, Games, Games! – Thursday evening after Service of The Living Tradition, come to the Youth Caucus room for team games like Pictionary and a spin on Jeopardy. There will also be plenty of board and card games for small groups to play.

Closing Circle – Begin the last day of General Assembly reflecting on the connections made and the things learned during the week (7:30am).

 Highlights for Youth and Young Adults of Color!

Youth and Young Adults of Color at GA 2016 (1)

Large GA Events to Get Excited For!

Youth Caucus has special reserved seating at all events held in the General Session Hall. Find out the location at Youth-Sponsor Orientation or look for the giant inflatable palm tree!

Synergy Bridging Worship – the annual General Assembly Bridging Service, open to all, and especially honoring youth transitioning into young adulthood. This is a transformative multigenerational worship. Come be inspired and illuminated at a celebration of treasured worship elements, rites of passage and brilliant contemporary musical performances.

Some notes for Bridgers:

  • Sign up at General Assembly in the Youth Caucus room on the sheet on the wall.
  • We need volunteers to come to rehearsal. Rehearsal is at 4:45 pm in the General Session Hall on Friday.
  • Arrive no later than 7 pm on Friday outside of the General Session Hall. We also encourage your youth groups and family to sit up-front.
  • You will be on stage during the service and asked to speak your name and congregation into a microphone. Some choose to dress up for this worship but you are not required to do so.

A Sacred Public Witness: State of Emergence: Faith Filled People Rally for Racial Justice – This event is sure to be amazing. Learn more in the Witness section.

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Ware Lecturer Krista Tippett – Award winning author of Becoming Wise – An Inquiry into the Mystery and Art of Living, Speaking of Faith, Einstein’s God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit and host of the podcast On Being will speak on “enlarge[ing] imaginations about how this part of life we call religious and spiritual actually works in real, far-flung, 21st-century lives.”


Sampling of Suggested Workshops

Youth Caucus “top picks” for workshops to attend that are NOT hosted by Youth Caucus. A more robust list of suggested workshops will be made available in print at Youth Orientation and will also be posted in the Youth Caucus room. Below is just a sample. Read the full descriptions in the GA program book.

Colleen’s Top Picks

Beyond Holidays: Learning And Worshipping Without Appropriating (Thursday10:45 – 12:00pm)

Spiritual Practices For White Discomfort (Friday 3:00 – 4:15pm)


Rhea And Eli’s Top Picks

The Spirituality Of Hip-Hop (Saturday 4:45 – 6:00pm)

Beyond The Border: Action For Immigrant Justice (Friday 4:45 – 6:00pm)


Joanne’s Top Pics

Envisioning Our Multifaith Future (Thursday 1:15 – 2:30pm)

Growing Faithful Solidarity: Interfaith Conversations With The Qur’an (Thursday 1:15 – 2:30pm)


Elesa’s Top Picks

Youth Racial Justice Week In 75 Minutes Or Less (Thursday 3:00-4:15pm)

Being White In The Black Lives Matter Movement (Friday 1:15-2:30pm)


Andrea’s Top Picks

Mental Health And Self Care: Spiritual Practices (Thursday 10:45 – 12:00pm)

The Future Of Women (Saturday 3:00 – 4:15pm)


More Top Picks

Story, Song & Spirit: Creative Worship For All Ages (Thursday 10:45 – 12:00pm)

Joy Of The Journey: The Road To Multiculturalism (Thursday 10:45 – 12:00pm)

Interfaith Experience From A Young Adult Perspective (Thursday 1:15 – 2:30pm)

Hands & Hearts: Interfaith Collaboration To Support Syrian Refugees (Thursday 1:15 – 2:30pm)

Beyond “The Word”: Sensory-Rich Worship For Our Whole Selves (Friday 1:15 – 2:30pm)

Outreach 101: Join Our Cause, Not Our Club (Friday 1:15 – 2:30pm)

Campus Ministry: We Need One Another (Friday 1:15 – 2:30pm)

Building The World: Anti-Racism For Youth And Young Adults (Saturday 4:45 – 6:00pm)

Piercing The Heart, Human Rights Education Changing Youth (Saturday 3:00 – 4:15pm)

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