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VIDEO: Activities at Campus Ministry Meetings

Posted by Annie Gonzalez Milliken // May 25th 2016 // Future of Faith, Guides and Tools, UU Campus Qs // one comment

#UUCampusQ’s Episode Three

What Can I Actually Do?

The Reverend Annie Gonzalez Milliken, the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate of the Unititarian Universalist Association Office of Youth and Young Adult Minisitries learns what kinds of activities work well for a campus group, by speaking with  Alice King, an intern minister and seminarian with 9 years of on the ground campus ministry experience, and Kayla Parker, a recent seminary grad who previously served as the Unitarian Universalist Association Campus Ministry Associate.

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Alice mentions a wide variety of resources in her part of the video.  Here are some of the ideas she offers, hyperlinked so you can learn more, download or buy them!

Heart to Heart is a small group ministry resource sold at our inSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop.

The Seven Principles in Word and Worship contains essays and worship materials on each principle and is also available in the UUA bookstore. 

Evensong is another small group ministry resource sold at the inSpirit UU Book and Gift Shop.

Michael Tino’s covenant group materials are available for download on the UUA website.

Theme based ministry allows a congregation or other community to explore one theme each month in depth.

The Our Whole Lives (OWL) curriculum is a comprehensive developmentally appropriate lifespan sexuality education program.  There is a young adult version that would be appropriate for campus ministry.

Becoming: A Spiritual Guide to Navigating Adulthood is a collection of essays by UU young adults as well as readings and some music that can be used for small group ministry or worship.

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Annie is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister and currently serves our faith as the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate for the Unitarian Universalist Association.
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  1. DIANE BASSETT says:

    If the group is interested in the UUA Ethical Eating Statement of Conscience, running the DOVE program (“Demonstrating Our Values Through Eating”) as a small group is a great choice that has been successful at a number of congregations already. Here’s the link:


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