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General Assembly is jam packed with tons of amazing programing. There’s no way you could do it all, so be strategic in how you plan your schedule. Use this blank grid to fill in your schedule. Note the mandatory Youth Caucus Orientation from 4:00-5:15pm on Wednesday. If you are won’t arrive in time to attend that orientation, make-up orientations will be held at 8:30am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Check out these highlights in the GA Youth Caucus room and throughout GA. If you have any questions about programming, don’t hesitate to send an email to for more information.

If you want to check out the entire schedule:

Download the daily programming PDF and check out the Business Agenda to see the full range of what’s offered at General Assembly, including workshop descriptions. Note: all Youth Caucus workshop descriptions are included in these resources.

Download the GA App for a digital copy of the Program Book content, as well as a number of other tools.

Youth Caucus Highlights

Remember, Youth-Sponsor Orientation Wednesday at 4:00pm is mandatory. Everything else is up to you.

Youth Caucus and Sponsor Orientation – Wednesday 4:00pm. Learn about what to expect at GA, meet the Youth Caucus staff, and learn about the exciting opportunities available this week. Start to build relationships with other youth and sponsors and have some fun!

Youth Delegate Orientation – Wednesday 5:15pm. For youth representing their congregation as delegates.

Youth Caucus Worship – Wednesday 9:30pm. All are welcome to be present for music and inspiration as we lift our hearts and begin our week at GA! Please note that New Orleans’ curfew is 9pm on school nights so youth under 17 must leave the convention center with an adult. Want to be involved in leading this worship? Apply to be a storyteller!

Creating Connections: Youth Led Games – Thursday 1:30pm. Begin the week with fun games that will strengthen community, teach leadership, and make you laugh!

Communities of Resistance – Thursday 3:15pm. This panel discussion followed by small group conversations will gather local organizers and community members for storytelling and conversation.

Candid with the Candidates: Discussion and Questions with the UUA Presidential Candidates – Thursday 5:00pm. Get to know the UUA presidential candidates through interactive discussion and Q&A. 

Hands and Hearts Raised: YA@GA and Youth Caucus Worship – Thursday 9:30pm. Join your voices and hands in celebration of our spiritual ancestors who teach us how to resist and rejoice. Please note thatNew Orleans’ curfew is 9pm on school nights so youth under 17 must leave the convention center with an adult.

Rock the Boat: A Youth Impact Strategy Session – Friday 1:30pm. Harness the power of Unitarian Universalism and strategize with your peers on how to best help GA engage in social witness on issues that matter to you.

Activate Joyful Witness: A Workshop on Art & Activism – Friday 3:15pm. With guest artists and activists, we’ll prepare to bring spirited presence to Public Witness.

Youth in Community Organizing – Saturday 1:30pm. Using real life examples as case studies, breakout groups will be challenged with brainstorming community organizing strategies.

Activate Sustained Resistance: Taking It Home – Saturday 3:15pm. Youth leaders will share ways to stay sustained while we create action plans to bring back to our communities.

Game Night – Saturday 9:45pm. Join the youth caucus for some team games, as well as plenty of board games, card games and crafts. Please note that New Orleans’ curfew is 11pm on Friday and Saturday so youth under 17 must leave the convention center with an adult.

Youth Caucus Closing Circle: Reflect and Renew – Sunday 10:45am. Begin the last day of General Assembly reflecting on the connections made and the things learned during the week.

Luminary Leaders and Alumni!

If you are part of the Luminary Leaders program, you are invited to a reception at Gordon Biersch by the Hilton Riverside at 12:30pm-1:15pm on Thursday. RSVP for details.

Highlights for Youth and Young Adults of Color!

Young Adults of Color Lunch – Friday 12:15pm

Location TBD

Youth of color lunch – Saturday 12:15pm

Hilton Riverside — Cambridge

Diverse Revolutionary UU Multicultural Ministries workshop track – Room 223

Exploring Intersectional Identity with Personal Storytelling – Thursday 1:30pm

Discovering Your Personal Theology of Resistance – Thursday 4:30pm

Post Traumatic Ministry – Friday 1:30pm

Children of Color and Their Needs in Congregations – Friday 3:15pm

Introduction to the Global Majority Collective – Saturday 1:30pm

DRUUMM Worship: Intersectional Allyship within Unitarian Universalism – Saturday 3:15pm

Room 206-207

Finally, we end with a worship service and return to our UU identities while asking ourselves, what would UUism centered on POCs look like?  This leaves us with some visioning and imagining of a future in which we lead from the margins and become the face of our UU movement.    

Grow Racial Justice Track Thursday, Friday and Saturday 3:15-4:30pm

YA@GA space – 214

Guided by songs and stories, join in this distilled version of the Grow Racial Justice summer program! In this first session, we’ll explore our identities as people of color, the power of our ancestors, the internalized oppression we’ve learned, and strengthen our spiritual muscles.  In this second session, we’ll share about our diversity as people of color, what we need from each other as POC and how to have each others backs.  In this final session, we’ll talk about this movement moment, the skills of community organizing and facilitation that we need for this urgent now.

BLUU Anti-Blackness Workshop – Friday 3:15pm

Room R06

Anti-blackness is a global phenomenon that affects people in every cultural and ethnic group. Within larger systems of structural oppression, it translates to higher rates of social ills, including poverty, unemployment, poor health outcomes, and substandard housing. We will also discuss the impact of anti-blackness in our congregations and beyond.

Highlights for LGBTQ+ Youth!

LGBTQ+ Youth Game Night – Thursday 10:00pm

Hilton Riverside Chequers Room
Join us for snacks, beverages and a whole lot of fun! Please note that New Orleans’ curfew is 9pm on school nights so youth under 17 must leave the convention center and the Hilton Riverside with an adult. Please travel in groups.

Highlights for Bridging Youth!

Finding UU Community While On The Move: A Young Adult Story Thursday 1:30pm

YA@GA space – 214
As YAs, our lives change at the drop of a dime. We are constantly on the move: entering new cities, graduating, switching jobs, and changing housing. New challenges present themselves as we connect our UU principles to our lives. Come learn and share strategies with your peers.

Bridging Reception: Coffee and Conversation Before the Service –  Sunday 8:00am

YA@GA space – 214

Come celebrate those who have bridged in the Synergy worship service with what we UUs do best: coffee! This will be a chance for bridgers and YA@GA to converse and connect with each other.

Synergy Bridging Worship – 5:00pm Saturday

Some notes for Bridgers:

  • Sign up at General Assembly in the Youth Caucus room on the sheet on the wall.
  • We need volunteers to come to rehearsal. Rehearsal is at 4:45 pm in the General Session Hall on Friday.
  • Arrive no later than 4:45 pm on Friday outside of the General Session Hall. We also encourage your youth groups and family to sit up-front.
  • You will be on stage during the service and asked to speak your name and congregation into a microphone. Some choose to dress up for this worship but you are not required to do so.

Large GA Events to Get Excited For!

Youth Caucus has special reserved seating at all events held in the General Session Hall. Find out the location at Youth-Sponsor Orientation (Wednesday 4:00pm) or look for the giant inflatable palm tree!

Welcoming Celebration – 7:30pm Wednesday

Kick General Assembly off right with a hearty multigenerational celebration with great music. Each congregation attending brings a banner and members march in a banner parade. Ask your congregational leaders if you can carry your congregation’s banner!

Postcards to Incarcerated Youth and Adults – 10:00am-12:00pm Thursday

GA Exhibit Hall

Send a warm UU General Assembly 2017 greeting to a youth or adult incarcerated in Louisiana. Participants will send postcards and personal messages in other formats to incarcerated children and incarcerated members of Church of the Larger Fellowship (CLF). The Sunday Collection beneficiary Families and Friends of Louisiana’s Incarcerated Children (FFLIC) is partnering with CLF in this communications project.

Days for Girls Sustainable Menstrual Hygiene Kits fight Poverty and Isolation – 10am Saturday

GA Exhibit Hall

An assembly line of volunteers will package kits to distribute to girls in New Orleans and around the world. Pre-registration for the assembly line is required.

General Session – 8:45am-12:15pm Thursday, Friday and Saturday and 12:30-3:30pm Sunday

Join other youth in our special seating to learn about and influence the business of our association. For youth who are delegates, General Sessions are not to be missed as this is where all the voting happens.

Service of the Living Tradition – 8:00-9:30pm Thursday

Sort of like a bridging ceremony for religious professionals, this is where we honor the continuing development of our ministers and religious educators. We like to show our support at this event in the hopes that it will encourage adults to attend our Synergy Bridging Worship.

Presidential Candidates Forum: If you haven’t heard, we’re electing a new president this year! This will likely be the three candidates answering pre-selected questions. Learn about each candidate and how to vote here.

Synergy Bridging Worship – 5:00pm Saturday

The annual General Assembly Bridging Service, open to all, and especially honoring youth transitioning into young adulthood. This is a transformative multigenerational worship. Come be inspired and illuminated at a celebration of treasured worship elements, rites of passage and brilliant contemporary musical performances.

Public Witness – 5:00pm Friday Learn more in the Witness section.

UU’s from around the country will celebrate love’s power to resist hate and fear and commit to helping make our communities a “sanctuary” – safe spaces for people under threat – at GA and beyond. The event will begin with a second line with the Young & Talented Brass Band.

Ware Lecturer Bryan Stevenson – 8:30pm Saturday

Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy is the founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama. Mr. Stevenson is a widely acclaimed public interest lawyer who has dedicated his career to helping the poor, the incarcerated and the condemned.


For workshops not hosted by Youth Caucus check the General Assembly Programs and Schedule and for other awesome highlights and worships check Program Highlights on


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