What do you need right now?

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What do you need right now dear ones? How are we going to get through this? Maybe you’re in shock. Maybe you’re pissed as hell. Maybe you’re weeping. Maybe you’re numb and trying to do all the normal things. Maybe you’re hiding in bed. All of these reactions are totally normal. There is nothing that makes this ok, because hate is not ok and greed is not ok and violence are not ok. Electing a president who is overtly racist, sexist, violent and endlessly greedy is not an ok thing to do. We all know these next four years won’t be ok. And yet, paradoxically, we keep going. So what do you need right now…

Fiercely UU: Redeeming Retail

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Fiercely UU is a new blog series where Unitarian Universalist young adults tell stories about what our faith requires of us and how they follow that call.  To be fiercely UU is to proclaim human worth and interdependence. In an individualist, greed-based, shame and fear fueled white supremacist patriarchy, we say no to isolation and oppression and yes to radical love and covenanted connection. – Ed.  Redeeming Retail or What I Learned from Selling Shoes by Amelia Diehl Tacked in the backroom of the shoe store where I work is a ripped part of a shirt that reads “Our work is more than our jobs,” a quote from musical storyteller Charlie King. I grew up going to…

4 Year Leadership Track for Youth

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Ever think to yourself, “ACK! There are too many awesome Unitarian Universalist youth opportunities out there, how am I ever going to do them all!?” Sometimes it feels like a high stake game of checkers where you just can’t figure out the strategy. Luckily, programs are offered year after year so you don’t have to do everything by your next birthday. Freshman, use can this infographic to map out your four year plan. Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors, use can this same infographic to track your progress along your leadership journey. (See the year-by-year breakouts below.) If it still feels overwhelming, do not hesitate to reach out to us in the Office of Youth and Young…

Share the Love: Bridgers’ Care Packages

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Valentine’s Day is over but that’s no reason to stop sharing the love! Our congregations are generally pretty good at sharing love. From child dedications for our infants to memorial services at life’s end, our congregations are there for the full journey. So how do we share the love when our beloved youth grow up, cross that mythical bridge and become official adults? One simple and effective way to stay in relationship with our bridged young adults is through sending care packages their way! A couple months ago, India Harris, the youth and young adult programs coordinator at the UU Congregation at Shelter Rock, reached out to other religious educators on Facebook to find out…

Say Hello to the YA@GA 2015 Staff

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Meet the staff of YA@GA 2015 in their own words What is YA@GA?? It’s a temporary community, it’s a space in the Portland Convention Center, it’s a wide variety of engaging programming, it’s Young Adults at General Assembly! Our YA@GA Staff have been working hard all year to plan and coordinate community building, worship, networking, and innovative programming for, by and about Unitarian Universalist young adults. So get ready for GA and meet the folks who are making it happen… Amanda, Ayala, Kenny and Jonathan are excited to welcome you! Hear* what else about YA@GA 2015 that’s got them excited – * Or read the closed-captioning and read what they have to say!

About the Blue Boat

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Blue Boat Blue Boat is hosted by the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the Unitarian Universalist Association.  It is a space to share stories and successes, resources and information for youth, young adult and on-campus groups and individuals as well as the advisors and staff who work with them.  We post a range of content and the views expressed on this site do not necessarily represent those of the UUA, its staff or member congregations. We consider this blog to be a work in progress and are always looking for ways to better serve our constituents.  Feel free to contact us with your thoughts and suggestions or if you are interested in…

Bart Frost

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Bart Frost is the Director of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. bfrost@uua.org (617) 948-4359

Jennica Davis-Hockett

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Jennica Davis-Hockett—Leadership Development Associate jdavis-hockett @ uua.org (617) 948-4352

Annie Gonzalez

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Annie Gonzalez—Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate agonzalez @ uua.org (617) 948-4358

Deborah Neisel-Sanders

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Office Administrator dsanders @ uua.org (617) 948-4355