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Youth at GA 2013 – Logistics 101

Posted by Jeremie Bateman // March 1st 2013 // no comments

GA_13_Y_CaucusThere is a lot of interest in bringing groups of youth to GA, and we’ve received a lot of questions about  the logistics involved.  Here’s some of the information you’ll need to have youth attend General Assembly.

Your first stop for GA links for youth all in one place is the GA 2013 page on Blue Boat, where you’ll find links to older blog posts, FAQ pages and more, including an invitation from the Youth Deans to attend GA.  This GA page will be updated as new information becomes available, so check back regularly.

If you want to get updates when new info is available, you can also join the Youth Caucus 2013 Facebook page.  This page is for youth, parents, advisors, DREs, ministers, sponsors, etc. who are interested in youth attending GA.


Here are the basics about youth at GA:

Youth registration is for those who were in grades 9-12 (or the equivalent for home-schooled youth) in the 2012-2013 school year.  Those who were in 8th grade or younger (or the equivalent) don’t qualify for youth registration.  (Check out Children’s Registration – it’s free! – and additional low cost GA Children’s Programs).

Youth Caucus is a body of programming offered by youth, for youth, during General Assembly.  Staffed by a volunteer group of youth and adults, Youth Caucus includes workshops, worship, networking and social opportunities, and support for the GA business process.  You can learn more about the Youth Caucus programming by checking out the Programming FAQ.

Youth are also welcome and encouraged to attend all of the programming that GA has to offer, including workshops, plenary sessions, worships, evening events and witness events.  They may even choose to attend some of these things instead of Youth Caucus events.

There is one required program for all youth registrants and their sponsors – Youth Caucus Orientation.  It takes place at 4:00 pm on Wednesday, June 19.

During the coming weeks, we’ll have blog posts from the Youth Caucus Staff about their experiences at GA, their plans for 2013 and why they think youth should come.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in connecting your youth group directly with the Youth Deans, email jbateman@uua.org.


Forms, Sponsorship, etc:

In addition to registration, every youth signs a participant covenant to attend GA.  This may be signed electronically at the time of registration or submitted in hard copy.

For youth under 18: A parental permission form is required to attend.  This form is available online at the youth registration page.

Each youth under 18 must have a sponsor.  A sponsor is an adult, age 25 or older, who takes responsibility for that youth during GA.  A sponsor may be a parent, but doesn’t have to be.  Sponsors may take responsibility for up to three youth.  A sponsor form is also required, which details the expectations of the sponsor and is signed by the youth, sponsor and parent.  It is available with the parent permission form.

Sponsors must stay in the same housing as their youth.  They may stay in different rooms, but must be in the same hotel, hostel, homestay, etc.

You can read more about sponsorship at our Sponsorship FAQ.



GA can be expensive.  There are some options to help reduce the cost.

Scholarships: Both the GAPC Grant and the Young and Young Adult Ministries Scholarship are open to youth.  You can read more about each scholarship at the link.  These grants cover registration and may also cover some additional expenses.  The deadline is March 31.

Volunteer:  You can volunteer at GA in exchange for free registration.  The deadline to apply is March 31.

Youth Group Grants:  If you are a youth group attending GA together, check out this option for getting funding for your group!

Fundraising:  See these resources for ideas on how to fundraise to support your trip to GA:  Five Fundraising Ideas and Young Adult Service Trip Fundraising Manual.



You must arrange your own housing, travel, food, etc. at General Assembly.  Youth Caucus is not a con and does not make these arrangements for you.

There is no single “youth” hotel.  Youth attendees stay in a variety of housing options (with their sponsors).  Housing reservations can be made through the GA Housing Office.  Less expensive options tend to fill up first, so book as early as you can.  Housing opens March 1.

Make a food budget.  $30/day is a reasonable estimate, though it’s possible to spend less (buying groceries for breakfast to keep in your hotel room, sharing meals, etc).  There are restaurants around the convention center and there are also food options within the convention center.

Travel budgets vary wildly depending on whether you’re flying, taking a train or bus, or driving.  Don’t forget to factor in parking (at the airport or at the hotel), checked bag fees, airport shuttles, etc.



Contact youth@uua.org and keep an eye here on Blue Boat.





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