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Posted by T. Resnikoff // December 12th 2011 // 5 comments

2012 Justice General Assembly

Info for Youth and Young Adults

In June 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona, 3800 Unitarian Universalists gathered for Justice General Assembly,  a moving and historic event . By focusing its annual business meeting on justice issues, in particular immigration issues in collaboration with local partner organizations, the Unitarian Universalist Association transformed its yearly gathering into an exploration of our UU values and our shared call to make the world more just and more loving.

 *NEW* Surveys for youth and young adults who attended Justice GA

Click for Youth Caucus (including sponsors) and Young Adult Caucus

Young Adult Caucus

  • Take a Survey – Give us feedback on your experience with Young Adult Caucus this year.
  • YA Caucus Site – Information and details available on the Young Adult Caucus website.

Youth Caucus

  • Take a Survey – Give us feedback on your experience with Youth Caucus this year.
  • Youth Caucus Site – Information and details available on the Youth Caucus website.
  • Note: Youth Caucus attendance almost doubled from 165 youth in 2011 to about 300 youth in 2012.

Events at Justice GA

  • Live Streaming – Videos of worship services, witness events, plenary sessions and more.
  • Synergy Worship – This youth and young adult-led worship service for youth bridging into young adulthood was titled “Synergy: The Call Across All Ages.”
  • Event Coverage – Reporting and event summaries from the UU World magazine on their GA Blog.
  • Program Book – Descriptions of all GA programs and events

Immigration Resources

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