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Future of Faith Multipart Series by Carey McDonald

Posted by T. Resnikoff // June 25th 2015 // // no comments

FoF_Big_ShiftUnitarian Universalism – Future Faith?


Carey McDonald, Outreach Director of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), wrote this multi-part series examining how Unitarian Universalism can answer the call for seekers in the changing landscape of faith in America, during his tenure as Director of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the UUA.


1. New Future of Faith Series. In this introductory post to his series Carey McDonald lays out the ground rules for his examination of the question, “How can we reshape our faith (Unitarian Universalism – Ed.) to become a home for the Millennial Generation?”

2. The Big Shift of #FoF. Carey examines the movement away from post-war, traditional forms of organized religion and towards the unaffiliated, the spiritual but not religious, and the “nones.”

3. What’s Wrong with Church, Anyways? #FoF. Focusing on the drop in church affiliation, Carey discovers that, “Millennials are not hostile to religious activity, per se; 76% agree that, in general, Christianity espouses good principles and values[2]. The root of the drift away from organized religion is a dissatisfaction with religious institutions themselves…”

4. Totally Normal, But Extra-Special #FoF. How have the shifts of the last few decades in the American religious landscape, affected the Unitarian Universalist corner of the world?

5. A Bridge to Nowhere – Part A. After examining Unitarian Universalism’s role among American faiths, one aspect to address carefully is how our identity as a religion of converts relates to the youth that grow up in our churches. It turns out that the retention of UU youth reflects a broader problem for religious institutions today.

6. A Bridge to Nowhere – Part B. Creating a “bridge to somewhere” is based in creating a culture of continuity and growth.

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