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Reflections from the USSB Youth Service Trip to NOLA

5 Stories from the Youth of Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara During June 2016 members of the Unitarian Society of Santa Barbara YRUU group made to New Orleans, LA. The group spent three days in New Orleans and six on the north shore of Lake Ponchartrain, working with local organizations through the Center for Ethical Living and Social Justice Renewal. The youth group’s work focused on the issues of racism and privilege with an eye toward taking what they learned to foment positive change in their home community. This trip was made possible by the industrious fundraising of the youth group (who we are told sold lots and lots of quiche), YRUU families, and the…

Fiercely UU

Stories by Young Adult Unitarian Universalists with fierce faith Fiercely UU is a blog series written by Unitarian Universalist (UU) young adults telling their stories about what our faith requires of us and how they follow that call. To be fiercely UU is to proclaim human worth and interdependence. In an individualist, greed-based, shame and fear fueled white supremacist patriarchy, these stories say no to isolation and oppression and yes to radical love and covenanted connection. (Most recent stories are found at the bottom of this list.) The Disinherited, by Joseph Boyd …These two beautiful souls showed me a violent, tender longing, a rage that kept their heart ablaze, their body tense, their face fierce. I knew…

Youth Answers to Deepen Faith

Findings of the 2014 Youth Ministry Survey Read all six parts of the analysis by Bart Frost, Director of the Office of Youth and Young Ministries at the Unitarian Universalist Association of the 2014 Youth Ministry Survey here.

Super Sermons

5 Great Homilies Every year a highlight of Summer Seminary is the Saturday night “Preach-Off”, during which students have 4 minutes to address a previously assigned prompt. (Prompts range from the straight-forward question, “What is the meaning of life”, to quotes, poems, and declarations of faith or conscience.) Discover why  Reverend Peter Morales, President of the Unitarian Universalist Association said, “You may not be ordained, but you are doing ministry already.” Watch the five “preach-off” homilies that were voted the best by the 18 members of the Summer Seminary class of 2015, and selected for presentation at First Unitarian Denver Sunday Service:  Nelson Moroukian, “We Love in a Community of Constant Change” (Read the transcript…


Profiles of Unitarian Universalists living their faith.   KATHY                       BRIAN                       NANCY                       BEAR                       WESLEY                       EM                       LOYCE                       AMANDA                       THERESA                    …

Stories of Young Adult Ministry

These compelling stories of Unitarian Universalist young adults creating innovative, vibrant and meaningful young adult ministry are a must share. If you want to know what the future of faith looks like – look here. – Ed.           (Most recent posts appear at the bottom of this list.) Spotlight on Rev. Greg @ Oberlin, OH. Rev. Greg McGonigle, currently the Tufts University Chaplain writes about building successful campus ministry during his tenure as the Director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life at Oberlin College. Spotlight: UU Church of Davis, CA. The Unitarian Universalist Church of Davis, CA is one of the two congregations awarded Anchor Congregation status in 2012. The…

Photo Collection

Reproductive Justice Trip Daily Blog Photo Collection   In 2014 the youth group from First Unitarian Universalist Church of Columbus, Ohio set out to learn about the issue of Reproductive Justice. Their experience is chronicled in this series of blog posts. This photo essay by the youth group of First UU Columbus documents their trip.  

Selma 50 Years Ago and Still Today

Stories read together that are more than the sum of their parts At the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2015 Oscar Awards, Selma, the movie depicting the Selma Marches won only one award (“Glory” won Music Original Song) but lost in its other nominated category of Best Picture. The paucity of  Oscar nominations for Selma is controversial, in part because it reflects the continuation of institutionalized racism against which protesters in Selma marched 50 years ago. These three stories on Blue Boat remind us why the story of the Selma Marches will outlast the Oscars controversy and how important it remains today.

Future of Faith Multipart Series by Carey McDonald

Unitarian Universalism – Future Faith?   Carey McDonald, Outreach Director of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), wrote this multi-part series examining how Unitarian Universalism can answer the call for seekers in the changing landscape of faith in America, during his tenure as Director of the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries of the UUA.   1. New Future of Faith Series. In this introductory post to his series Carey McDonald lays out the ground rules for his examination of the question, “How can we reshape our faith (Unitarian Universalism – Ed.) to become a home for the Millennial Generation?” 2. The Big Shift of #FoF. Carey examines the movement away from post-war, traditional forms of…

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