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Invitation for Campus Ministry Professionals

Posted by Kayla Parker // May 15th 2012 // Events and Opportunities, On Campus // no comments

I am writing to you, our Unitarian Universalists campus ministry professionals, with a very exciting announcement. Ever since I began working at the UUA I have been seeking ways to more effectively support the professional development of our religious professionals who are dedicated to serving on college campuses. With such a small group of colleagues that are geographically widespread, we have been meeting regularly for conference calls and webinars, but these are not enough. I hear and feel that we want to be in communication with more colleagues, and to be able to be with them in person.

I am honored to announce that Rev. Cody Nielson, President of the National Campus Ministry Association (NCMA) has invited us to join this organization. Here we will have hundreds of colleagues and opportunities for regional and national physical conferences annually, where we can learn with many others who are dedicated to campus ministry.

I invite you to read Cody’s invitation to us all that is below – and to learn more about National Campus Ministry Association through their website and blog.

I look forward to advancing the capacity of Unitarian Universalist campus ministry with you.




Dear Campus Ministry Colleagues,

The National Campus Ministry Association (NCMA) has supported those engaged in ministry in higher education for almost 50 years. During this time we have provided resources, networking opportunities and encouragement to our members through both print and electronic media. We also give membership a personal touch with regional representatives, a mentoring program for those new to campus ministry and regional and annual conferences.

To thrive in the 21st Century and benefit from our nation’s increasingly diverse religious landscape, one of our organizational strategies is inclusivity. We are working to continue and expand our work as the largest and most comprehensive organization for all campus ministers in the country.

As the President-Elect of the NCMA, I am proud to welcome you to become members of an organization I believe to be the most inclusive and affirming organization I’ve ever been able to be a part of. We are currently working to provide spaces for interfaith dialogue and are grounded in our belief that God welcomes all to the table. We want to welcome all of you to this table that represents the vast multitude of belief and work in the field of higher education ministry.

In collaboration with Kayla Parker, Campus Ministry Associate at the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA), we have been working to include Unitarian Universalist (UU) campus ministry professionals into our organization. Kayla has recently become a member of NCMA, and the UUA is committed to covering the cover the cost of membership for you to join this year. For more information, email Kayla at ya-cm@uua.org. We at NCMA are equally committed to having UUs joining our organization in numbers.

We have been working to create an atmosphere of welcome in NCMA for all individuals, particularly you as UUs. I believe your membership is the first step toward a broader outreach NCMA is intent on framing as a part of our mission. We would love it if you joined us in attending the Global Chaplains Conference at Yale University from June 25-29, 2012 and our own Annual Conference in 2013 which is scheduled for the week of July 8.

Please join us, with enthusiasm and purpose, as we engage in this vital ministry.




J. Cody Nielsen

President Elect, National Campus Ministry Association

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Kayla Parker is editor of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood. She is currently a seminarian at Yale Divinity School, and Ministerial Intern at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, CT.
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