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It’s Here! New Guide for Youth Advising

Posted by T. Resnikoff // September 17th 2012 // Guides and Tools, youth // no comments

Comprehensive Guide Released by The Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries


Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide has just been released!

This new resource, successor to the Youth Advisors Handbook, represents the most up-to-date content from the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries to support religious professionals, youth advisors and other adults in providing vibrant youth ministries.

Highlights include an all new chapter on youth leadership and an expanded section on programming, with tools from Ministry with Youth Renaissance Module; updated information on creating and maintaining safe youth community;and information on using religious education curricula with youth.

Read what the UUA Bookstore says about it:
Choosing to serve as a youth advisor is one of many ways that adults in our congregations can demonstrate their commitment to youth. Serving in this capacity, however is more than just making sure things run smoothly. Advisors contribute to faith- and spirit-centered, multigenerational, multicultural, congregationally rooted ministry to and with youth.

Youth Ministry Advising: A Complete Guide covers broad-ranging topics including ways to recruit and support youth advisors, the nuts and bolts of youth group management, the role of youth in advisors creating a safe space, leadership training, and programming and project ideas.


This resource is great, not just for lead youth advisors, but also for religious educators, ministers, and any adult who wants to work with youth in the congregation, whether in the youth group or elsewhere.


Get your copy from the UUA Bookstore.



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