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Be a Presenter at General Assembly 2013

Posted by Kayla Parker // October 4th 2012 // Events and Opportunities, GA, young adults, youth // 4 comments

Have a topic or program that you want to share with other Unitarian Universalists at General Assembly 2013? This year’s topic is “From Promise to Commitment”, and we all have the opportunity to make sure that our voices and multigenerational, youth and young adult ministries has a prominent place at the table. Consider submitting a proposal to present at General Assembly 2013! The Planning Committee wants to hear from you, and their message is below. -Ed.

We are now accepting program proposals for the 2013 General Assembly!

We hope you will apply for one or more of approximately 80 available 75-minute program slots available for the 2013 General Assembly.

Building on the experience of Justice GA, the General Assembly Planning Committee, the UUA Board of Trustees and the Administration seek to create a General Assembly in 2013 that moves our Association “From Promise to Commitment.”

Promises call us into relationship. The experience of making, breaking and remaking promises is the reality of our lived faith. We will gather in Louisville to examine and renew our covenant to our faith, one another, our congregations and the larger world.

To merit consideration, program proposals submitted for the 2013 GA should explore the kinds of promises our religious communities are called to make as we seek to live out our UU values; how we make them, with whom, and how we hold ourselves and each other accountable.

Equally important is the question of how might we move from the act of promise-making into the journey of long-term commitment. For example, how are we fulfilling the promises made or implied by participating in Justice GA in Phoenix last year? What new promises do we want to make? Submissions that focus on local or regional concerns and that include Louisville or Appalachia area partners are encouraged.  More detailed selection criteria can be found at http://www.uua.org/ga/programming/12741.shtml.

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by the Program Development Group (PDG). The PDG is a diverse team of UUA staff and GA Planning Committee members committed to provide excellent General Assembly programs aligned with the vision and mission of the UUA and its member congregations.

All proposals must be submitted by Thursday, November 1, 2012. Though the form is short, it still requires the clear description of a fully designed 75-minute event (workshop, worship, etc.). You also have the option to propose a 150-minute event that would occur during two workshop slots scheduled back-to-back. Proposers must assume that there will be participation of people of all abilities and of all generations in all General Assembly activities.

GA 2013 Program Proposal Form

About the Author

Kayla Parker is editor of Becoming: A Spiritual Guide for Navigating Adulthood. She is currently a seminarian at Yale Divinity School, and Ministerial Intern at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden, CT.
4 Responses to “Be a Presenter at General Assembly 2013”
  1. Janalea Hoffman says:

    Hello, I am trying to submit a proposal to speak at the 2013 general assembly. I am not able to open the online proposal form. I go to a site where the form will not download or on this site there is a box where I must enter a user name and password that I do not know. I do need some help in getting the appropriate form to be able to apply. Please call 913-851-5100 or send a proposal that I can open at music@rhythmicmedicine.com. I have a brand new Mac – I don’t believe it is a computer problem. Thank you, Janalea

    • Janalea Hoffman says:

      Thank you

    • T. Resnikoff says:

      Hi Janalea,

      Sorry about the difficulty you are having downloading the form. Hurricane Sandy knocked the server that has the .pdf application on it off-line, which is why you are seeing the log-on page. Once the server is back on-line (we’ve been told by the end of the day Thursday, 11/1) the link will work and you can download the form.



      • Musykilah says:

        The one thing that we absolutely can’t ever do, is not have GA one year. It’s not that the blywas require it, but the law does. Without GA, on July 1st the UUA is not authorised by its member congregations to do business. Close the doors and go home.Now, I couldn’t go to GA either in 2010, but there WAS a smarter way to do things:The GA should have suspended some of the business of a regular GA, and ordered the Board to call General Assembly 2012 to convene on Wednesday the 27th of June, 2012, and END the same day (If we don’t need to do AIWs, we really can do all the business of GA in a day).Then, they could have called a Special GA, which doesn’t have to follow almost ANY of the rules of a Regular GA, for the purpose of engaging in witness , and let it exist from the 28th-1st (or whenever GA is, I’m just looking at a calendar in my phone)But who am I, but a former GAPC member who actually reads the blywas and seeks to understand my power as a member of a UU congregation?

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