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Meet the Youth Caucus Deans

Posted by Jeremie Bateman // December 17th 2012 // GA, youth // one comment

Each year, two youth take charge of planning and running the Youth Caucus at General Assembly. We’ve asked the 2013 Deans to share a bit about themselves and what they want you to know about General Assembly. –Ed.

Senior Dean
Asha Arora
Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Phoenix
Other UU activities: Co-Dean of PSWD’s upcoming winter camp, Camp ApUUcalypse; trained UU elementary camp counselor; past Social Action Coordinator and PSWD’s summer camp, Summer of LUUv.






Junior Dean
Owen Huelsbeck
Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation
Other UU Activities: Chaplain at district cons; past GoldMine Youth Leadership School staff; member of PNWD’s Youth Empowerment Services.








What have you gotten out of going to GA in the past?

AA: When I went to General Assembly for the first time I got to meet and become friends with some truly amazing youth. I was inspired by them and the caring UUs I saw to try and become a leader in fostering the beautiful Youth Caucus community. When I went to Justice General Assembly this summer as Junior Co-Dean, I fully realized the great potential in the “religious left” to change the tone, even in as conservative a place as my home, Phoenix.

OH: At my first GA, I remember being so inspired at the level of passion that each member of the Youth Caucus brings for our faith and how we can help to heal the world. I was fascinated to see all the different kinds of perspectives people from around the country brought with them to different discussions.

What excites you most about General Assembly 2013?

AA: Last year we had 304 youth (almost twice as many youth as have come to General Assembly in any year since 2007). I feel that in the Youth Caucus community there is a great potential to bring change with our large, vibrant, and passionate presence – especially in light of the important business of this year’s General Assembly.

OH: It’s hard to pick out the specific things that excite me, I feel so excited for everything! I would say leading and learning with my awesome Senior Dean Asha is something I am very much looking forward to, and learning from her what it takes to hold a community like the Youth Caucus. I am also looking forward to getting to meet new people from all over the country. I’m also excited for the elections coming up at this GA, and for the Youth Caucus to become a bigger part of the GA community.

Who should come to GA?

AA: All Unitarian Universalists who are interested in experiencing and learning the power of our faith should come to General Assembly. General Assembly is the place to come if you want to be motivated, influential, and further connected to Unitarian Universalism.

OH: Everyone! I believe it is a great opportunity for any youth.  I believe it’s a fantastic opportunity if you are a youth who is involved in your different communities in one way or another, if you are a youth with a passion for our faith, if you are a youth that loves to meet new people, and even if you’re a youth who just really wants to see what Louisville is like.  We’d love to have you as a member of our Youth Caucus!

What’s your vision for Youth Caucus and General Assembly?

AA: My vision for Youth Caucus this year is to create a space where youth are more connected with each other and Unitarian Universalism. I hope to see youth realize the strength of their potential and be encouraged to become a part of the wider General Assembly community.

OH: At General Assembly, I envision a Youth Caucus which is passionate about coming together and building a strong faith community. One that is strong within in the Youth Caucus space as well as one that is strong and involved in the larger GA community. I envision this Caucus being one of inclusivity, care and encouragement.

You’ll be hearing more from Asha and Owen as we get closer to GA. You can visit www.uua.org/youth/events/gacaucus to learn more about GA Youth Caucus and if you have any question, feel free to ask them in the comments! – Ed.

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Jeremie Bateman is the Leadership Development Associate in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the UUA. He can be reached at jbateman@uua.org.
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