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30 Days of Love: 17/30

Posted by Shane Montoya // February 4th 2013 // soundings, Stories and Voices, young adults // no comments

 When I volunteered to write a blog post about transgender issues, I realized that I didn’t know enough about transgender issues in order to write about them successfully.  I started exploring links, decided that there are people who explain and advocate for transgender issues much more eloquently then I can.  Here are some good resources and links I’ve been able to find.  Let me know if there are any others that you know about that deserve to be included!


February 04, 2013. Transgender Issues.


Transgender_symbol_HiResTransgender Information and Resources:

Transgender Basics– in video!

Transgender 101: Identity, Welcome, and Resources: A great resource from the UUA, including tips for being more welcoming of trans people for congregations and individuals, and a great vocabulary list.

Transfaith– a place for engagement, empowerment, and advocacy for transgendered people of faith.

The Human Rights Campaign’s Transgender Basics Guide: with a focus on the discrimination and hardships that transgender people face

Not your Mom’s Trans 101 – A blog post that goes a little deeper into the meanings of gender and sexuality.

We Happy Trans: A place for positive stories about transgender people- including the wonderful 7 Questions series of videos, including my favorite, by Stephen

Action Steps for Allies of Trans People

“Transgender 101 – the Dos and Don’ts”

$200 Transgender Bookshelf Because I used to work in a library, I must have a reading list!

And something fun: The Princess is thought provoking, challenging, adorable, and funny.

TransYouth Family Allies– Are you or a youth you know working through gender issues?  TransYouth family allies can help provide you with resources and support


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