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Let the BSA Know You Stand For Equality

Posted by T. Resnikoff // March 21st 2013 // Issues and Trends, Social Justice, young adults, youth // no comments

The following is an invitation from Zach Wahls to participate in a survey conducted by the Boy Scouts of America on the question of equality in Scouting. You can participate whether or not you are a scout – read Zach’s appeal to find out how. – Ed.

merit_boy_scouts_youth_iStock_000021909733XSmallScouting was an integral part of my development as a young man.In the Scouts, with my moms leading the way, I learned all kinds of vital skills, personal habits, and core values that continue to define me some 15 years after I joined the Cub Scouts.

Nevertheless, I am acutely aware of the effects that the Boy Scouts of America’s long-standing national policy forbidding the participation of “avowed homosexuals” as scouts and leaders has on families like mine.

We are at a key moment in the movement for equality in Scouting.

The Boy Scouts of America has introduced a survey called “Voice of the Scout,” and the feedback it provides will be an important factor in determining the future of the BSA.


Click here to request the survey. You’ll need your (or your Scout’s) membership ID number to participate.

For those who don’t have a membership ID, you can contact the Boy Scouts of America directly here and let them know where you stand on this issue of equality.

That the Boy Scouts of America continue to engage in blind discrimination is both disappointing and discouraging. The Boy Scouts have otherwise codified bravery into its value system, maintained a policy of religious diversity, and stressed the importance of self-enrichment instead of judging others.

It provided an experience that I found to be incredibly beneficial and an experience of which my mothers were thrilled to be a part.

This is a direct opportunity for you to make your voice heard in this pivotal moment. Completing this survey is the next step in making the Boy Scouts of America a community for all youth and parents.

Click here to request the survey and raise your voice for equality.

Thank you for your help in shaping a more welcoming and inclusive future for Scouting.

In faith,

Zach Wahls. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/ FilmMagic)

Zach Wahls. (Photo by Charles Eshelman/ FilmMagic)

Zach Wahls
Scouts for Equality
Eagle Scout ’07

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