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Be a Bridge Keeper for Youth Faith

Posted by Deborah Neisel-Sanders // April 25th 2013 // youth // no comments

Bridge Connections Brochure - Front Cover

Bridge Connections Brochure – Front Cover


The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) sponsored Bridge Connections Program helps keep youth transitioning (“bridging”) into young adulthood connected to Unitarian Universalist (UU) faith communities and campus groups when they go off to college, get their own apartment, or start a new job.

A Timeless Connection

Each spring, the UUA Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries sends brochures to every certified congregation with a link to the online Bridge Connections Form. Bridging youth provide the contact-information of their new location on this form.

Every fall, the UUA notifies local congregations and campus ministries of recently bridged young adults moving to their area, so that they may welcome them and notify them of services they provide and programs the offer.

Bridge Connections Bookmark

Bridge Connections Bookmark

An Ageless Connection

YOUTH: Fill out the Bridge Connections Form! It’s so quick—just tell us how to stay in touch with you. Leaving your congregation, doesn’t mean you have no home in the UU faith. Wherever life takes you, Bridge Connections leads you to a loving spiritual community that can welcome you with open arms.

ADULTS: You help make sure youth in your congregation crossing the bridge to adulthood are welcomed them on the other side. Look for the brochure pictured in this post to arrive in your congregational mail. When you get the brochure, share it with whomever at your congregation works with the youth who are high-school senior aged or make the connection yourself!

Make the Connection

  • Easy to do—bring a laptop to a youth group meeting, hand them a smartphone, or give them the printable form (PDF) to complete and mail in to the UUA.
  • Hard to forget—distribute the handy tear-off bookmarks (from the brochure mailed to your congregation, or download a PDF of the brochure, email them the link, and follow up afterwards to confirm.

 Got Questions? Want more brochures (with their nifty pull-off bookmarks)?

Write us! Call us! If you have questions about the program or ideas of how we can improve its impact we’d like to know.

For more information or to request additional brochures, contact the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at youngadults@uua.org or (617) 948-4350.

About the Author

Deborah Neisel-Sanders is the Office Administrator for the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries. She can be reached at dsanders@uua.org.
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