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Not your Parents’ Generation Anymore

Posted by T. Resnikoff // February 27th 2014 // Future of Faith // no comments

Millennials_v_Boomers_from BarnaEven If It Looks Like It


This comparison from Barna Group Research comes to us as part of a resource-set dedicated to helping faith-based organizations better serve the needs of the faithful as their demographics evolve.

One clear take-away is that for all the vaunted difference of Millennials as compared to other generations, at least on these topics there are many similarities, which perhaps points a way to making faith affiliation more relevant and desirable to Millennials.

This observation leads to another: even when the values are shared across generations, many Millennials don’t feel welcomed by their faith. As faith practice and affiliation evolves, faith organizations are looking for ways to engage Millennials, and becoming generational welcoming is one of them. Unitarian Universalism, through the Unitarian Universalist Association, has conducted a multi-year reflection, created resources and changed practices and governance to build successful multigenerational congregation.

Some faiths are more successful than others at enabling multigenerational congregation and leadership, but what is clear is that congregation needs to “speak to” Millennials to keep them coming through the door. Starting the conversation right, and keeping it going through how we react and adjust to what we hear could make the difference between a growing faith or dying practice over the years to come.

Check out the “Coffee Hour Caution for tips on how to bridge generational differences to uncover shared values.

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