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5 Tips for Your Youth Caucus Forms

Posted by Jeremie Bateman // May 1st 2014 // Events and Opportunities, GA, youth // no comments

Have you registered for General Assembly as a youth? Are you a parent, religious educator or advisor with youth attending GA? Get our five tips for filling out your Youth Caucus forms!

After submitting and paying for registration for General Assembly, youth still need complete their Youth Caucus forms in order to attend GA. For youth who are 18, they need to sign the participant covenant. Youth under 18, however, need to fill out the participant covenant and submit parental permission and sponsorship forms. The tips below will help you with the parent and sponsor forms.

Use this handy image for sharing with parents, families and sponsors over social media. Find more information about these tips below.

youth caucus form tips1. Fill in every line: It’s incredibly important that you send us complete forms. As the forms grant permission for sponsors to take responsibility for a youth’s well-being, we cannot fill in missing information or alter the permission forms in any way. Doing so could invalidate the form in the event of an emergency. Even if you’re a parent coming with your child to GA, your name needs to be on the sponsor line and you need to sign in both the parent and sponsor areas. This lets us know that you are the primary contact on-site for your child and that you agree to the sponsor policies.

2. Choose only ONE sponsor: Again, as these forms grant responsibility for youth well-being, it’s very important to choose ONE and ONLY ONE sponsor. Two names on a line creates confusion over who has the authority to make medical decisions and could complicate care in the event of an emergency. If two parents are attending GA with their youth, please designate one to serve in the role of sponsor and use the other as the emergency contact.

3. Complete your on-site information: Knowing where youth and sponsors are staying and how to reach them while AT General Assembly helps us keep everyone connected and safe. Please use cellphone numbers when at all possible, but if you won’t have a cellphone at GA, use the number of the place where you’re staying.

4. Sponsor contact info is essential: please make sure sponsor contact info is complete and accurate, especially e-mail. Sponsors are contacted BEFORE General Assembly about their responsibilities and what else to expect when they arrive. If we don’t have an accurate email, then they miss out on important info.

5. Double-check and don’t delay: This is especially important for youth advisors, religious educators, or ministers who are gathering their entire group’s forms and submitting them all at once. Please double check forms for their adherence to the above tips before sending them. If you have some folks who are a bit slow getting their forms to you, please do send us what you have completed. We routinely check our registration lists for missing forms and begin reaching out directly to parents. Parents who have submitted forms to you, but that have not yet been sent to us, often express confusion about their child’s registration status.

That’s it! As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Jeremie Bateman is the Leadership Development Associate in the Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministries at the UUA. He can be reached at jbateman@uua.org.
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