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Love Reaches Out Now

Posted by T. Resnikoff // June 16th 2014 // Future of Faith // no comments

FoF_Love_Reaches_OutCurrent Theme, Ageless Idea

Faith experience in America is changing, and the theme of General Assembly 2014 (GA), “Love Reaches Out”, responds to current studies of faith in America showing a movement toward a liberal, fluid kind of faith that doesn’t fit with traditional denominational identity and structure.

People now find many outlets and places of engagement for their spiritual lives, and for many that includes intentionally dismantling barriers of disenfranchisement or embracing the excluded. Love Reaches Out recognizes the activist potential of religious belief. At GA Love Reaches Out will invigorate the beliefs of Unitarian Universalist faith as vehicle spiritual fulfillment and social justice.

The history of Unitarian Universalism as a force for good, change, and growth is in the tradition of  Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa or Martin Luther King, Jr. – each of whom transformed the world with the power of love.  Discover how this faith-based force for social justice changes the world today.

10 things to explore – whether at GA physically or virtually – about how Love Reaches Out :

1. Connect with General Assembly virtually  or in Providence, R.I. Discover how Love Reaches Out through Unitarian Universalist faith and creates social justice.

2. On the Side of Love Tumblr. Share with the world how YOU reach out in love, what YOU stand on the side of love with, or what YOUR faith is on fire for.

3. Visit the UUA Expressway – From capacity building, through programming to empowering UUs to make the change in the world they want to see. 11 stops – one goal! Love Reaches Out!

4. Learn, Love, Act. Make change for the better: learn how to act with love on issues of social justice.

5. Outreach, Membership, Growth. 18 presentations designed to make Love Reach Out for a long time to come.

6. President’s Report, Friday, June 26. President Peter Morales shares his vision for how Love Reaches Out.

7. Ware Lecture, Saturday 5–6PM. Sister Simone Campbell, National Coordinator of NETWORK

8. Saturday Worship, 7:30 PM. “Make Way for Love” – get fired up for Public Witness. (Sorry for the pun – Ed.)

9. Public Witness: WaterFire – immedately following the conclusion of Saturday Worship. Reach Out in Love to the public in Providence.

10. Sunday Morning Worship, 11AM – 12:30. The largest gathering of UU’s in worship, open to the public.



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