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“Re-Imagining UUA Governance” Survey

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This Board ‘Ain’t Bored, and They’re Lookin’ for Answers

Jim for YAYA

Jim Key, Moderator of the UUA Board of Trustees and Chief Governance Officer, is eager to hear how you think we can do things better.

The Unitarian Unviersalist Association has been working since 2010 to make governance of the Association more democratic, more inclusive and more effective. In its continuing work on this mission, the Board of Trustees has identified three challenges to address in the areas of Delegates, Gathering and Leadership. Your participation is solicited in overcoming these challenges which are identified in the “Re-imagining UUA Governance” survey.



A message from Moderator Jim Key:

As UUA Moderator, I believe that how we make decisions at our General Assembly and carry them out matters deeply for our faith. I’ve often said, “Governance done well is the enabler of our dreams.”

Yet GA and our governance are not working as well as they could:

Our annual General Assembly is not, in practice, very democratic or inclusive.
General Assembly is not especially participatory and does not promote shared learning.
There is sometimes poor alignment among leadership roles of the UUA.

Whether or not you have ever attended a General Assembly or served as a delegate, I urge you take a survey that explores possibilities for re-imagining UUA governance. You have a lot to bring to this conversation!

Please complete this online survey – it should take 15-20 minutes and will be available through December 20, 2014.

For the future of our faith, please share your thoughts in this important dialogue.

Live boldly!

Jim Key

Moderator and Chief Governance Officer


Read a version of this message published on UUA.org.

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