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Applications Open for Youth Caucus 2016 Staff

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The deadline to apply for General Assembly 2016 Youth Caucus Staff is fast approaching. Take it from Senoir Dean Andrea Briscoe. It’s worth it!

Applications due 12/1/15!


(Read what Andrea Briscoe has to say about being on Youth Caucus Staff below this video.)


Andrea Briscoe, is Senior Dean of the General Assembly 2016 Youth Caucus.


The day that I got the call saying that I was selected to serve on Youth Caucus staff was the day that my life changed forever. I never thought that I was qualified enough to be on youth caucus staff, but because I clicked that submit button I have been able to change my life and others’ through serving as Youth Caucus Dean.

I wholeheartedly believe that Youth Caucus staff is one of the most transformative experiences for Unitarian Universalist youth. I would bet that every youth who serves on Youth Caucus staff has finished their term a different person.


General Assembly 2015 Youth Caucus Staff taking a break from being AWESOME. (They were still awesome, they were just taking a break from working.)

Not only is serving on staff incredible for developing your faith and connection with Unitarian Universalism but it is also a way to make connections with fellow UUs from all over the country. I’ve met some of my best friends from serving on Youth Caucus staff and the connection that you make with your fellow staff members is simply incredible.

Olivia Andrea Hope and Colleen

This is what bonding over shared values and beliefs looks like. Fun!

Being on Youth Caucus staff is a lot more than being able to go to General Assembly for free. It is seeing a smile on somebody’s face when your workshop helps them make a friend.

Emma bliss

Your work as Youth Caucus Staff will put a smile like this on somebody’s face. Maybe even somebody you don’t know! (Yet.)

It is helping to empower fellow youth to go up to the microphone in Plenary Hall and give their opinion.

Youth Business Manager speaks out

Your example of leadership will inspire others to lead, too.

It is helping youth grow spiritually through worship. It is seeing the months of work you put into planning transform people’s lives.

Rhea John worship

Putting your faith into action will activate the faith of others.

To be on Youth Caucus staff means to be a catalyst for change and whether you are called to make change through worship, chaplaincy, connecting youth to business or connecting youth to one another I encourage you to apply for Youth Caucus staff.

Youth Caucus Adult Staff

These people definitely get it – how about you?

Don’t be afraid to send in your application. And remember the deadline is December 1st, so apply today to transform our faith!

Available positions:

Chaplains (2 youth, 2 adults over 25yo – 1 year position)
Worship Coordinator (1 youth – 2 year position)
Business Manager (1 youth – 2 year position)
Connections Coordinators (2 youth – 1 year position)
Advisor/Sponsor Coordinators (3 adults – 1 year position)

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