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Illuminating Leaders – Alex Jensen

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And he’s well on his way to making that a reality. Alex is a graduate of the first ever Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Summer Seminary in 2013. Summer Seminary was a very important experience for him, as it helped him discern and answer his personal call to the service of others and learn more about what he wanted to do in his future career. He is curious about Military Chaplaincy. Previously, at Future Leader Camp, he explored how his Unitarian Universalist values fit with the military while learning survival and leadership skills. Alex now attends California State University in Monterey Bay, majoring in Human Communication with a concentration in Peace Studies and a minor in Music.

Alex’s minister Rev. Jeremy D. Nickel says of Alex, “his ability to create shared meaning across different cultures, backgrounds [and] socio-economic divides is innate and growing. He is also an extremely empathetic person…very self reflective and seeks growth opportunities.”

Alex says…

I have been given the honor and privilege of working on various committees and projects as a UUA Luminary Leader. Both the Summer Seminary and Luminary Leaders programs have been instrumental in my own faith development and life journey. I am thrilled to see what other fantastic places my life and faith will take me.

We are proud to honor Alex Jensen as a Luminary Alum who joined in 2013, and are excited to connect him to the opportunities that will shape his leadership, keep Unitarian Universalism vital, connected and vibrant, and make the world better for us all.

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