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How can I connect with others while at GA? What is the Youth Caucus Social Media presence?


Attending workshops and events listed in the Program Book or in our Programming Highlights is a great way to meet people. Beyond that, there are several ways to connect around shared interests, shared geography, or shared identity. Reminders of events will be posted in the Youth Caucus Room.

Meet-Up Board: The Youth Caucus room will host a meet-up board for youth interested in connecting with others to attend workshops, share meals, trade ideas and more.

Good Deeds Wall: This is a place where you can share good deeds you witness to spread the GA love.

Friendship Table: Setup in the Youth Caucus room will be a table designated for people to sit down if they are hoping to meet new people or need someone to hang out with. There will be craft supplies and some games at this table for use between workshops.

CommUUnity Cards: Youth Caucus Staff will be distributing these interactive cards that will allow for youth to kickstart a fun, intergenerational GA experience. Cards will instruct players to take pictures with new people, find others wearing specific items, sing, dance, laugh, and most of all, pass the enjoyment along to others!



Join, follow, like, and use our hashtags! On all platforms, the General Assembly hashtag is #UUAGA and the Youth Caucus hashtag is #GAYC. Use them both!

Gayouthcaucus on Snapchat: Follow to see a live “story” of all the happenings at Youth Caucus!

@GA_Youth_Caucus on Instagram: Platform for sharing photos throughout GA and Youth Caucus. Tag us and we’ll repost your best shots!

Youth Caucus 2016 on FacebookA private group for those interested in the GA Youth Caucus. Share links, have discussions and keep in touch after GA is over.

@gayouthcaucus on Vine: Follow to view snapshots of moments of Youth Caucus events in six second videos! Use any of our GA and Youth Caucus hastags and we’ll revine you!

Youth Caucus Palm Tree on FacebookThis is a Facebook page that you can like. It will give information about Youth Caucus periodically throughout the year! Like it and get updates.

@YouthCaucusGA on Twitter: Follow for links, photos, updates and live tweets from sessions. This account is used year-round for updates on Youth Caucus staff openings and more. Turn on tweet notifications to be notified of when youth caucus events are happening!
The General Assembly Program App has connection features, including tracking of the #uuaga twitter hashtag and a photo feed, in addition to the scheduling, program info and the opportunity to earn points and badges. Feel free to share your CommUUnity Card pictures (the details of this fun game will be explained during Orientation on Wednesday afternoon) on the app with the corresponding hashtag! You can follow your friends and see what programs they are going to.

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