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Witness at General Assembly 2016

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Join Unitarian Universalists, in collaboration with the Ohio Student Association, the People’s Justice Project, UU Justice Ohio and our multi-faith partners, for an interfaith event focusing on truth-telling, fortification and commitment to boldly work for Black liberation.

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A mass movement for Black liberation continues to grow across the United States. The movement calls us – as people of faith and conscience – to center the lives and experiences of Black people as we build an intersectional, anti-racist movement that transforms ourselves, our communities and our collective power. State of Emergence will complement programming about organizing for racial justice at General Assembly 2016 including the Black Lives of UU and Mass Moral Movement workshop tracks, coupled with programming within general session, worship and healing/ritual space.”

This year’s public witness aims to “root participants in local organizing around racial justice priorities, affirm and honor experiences and leadership of UUs of Color moving our faith tradition toward racial justice” and “demonstrate commitment and urgency to work together for racial justice from several heads of denominations” among many other things. The issues of voting rights, mass-incarceration, and raising the minimum wage  to a living wage will be a primary focus.

Public Witness is open to all General Assembly attendees, as well as the larger community outside of GA, and youth are strongly encouraged to attend and be a part of this incredible event. Explore the state of our commitment as people of faith in relation to the movement for racial justice and learn how to take the energy of justice home to your community. The witness will be held on Thursday, June 23 from 5:00-6:00PM at the Ohio State House. It will be accessible to people of all abilities and you can get there by walking or bus. Because it is outside of the Columbus Convention Center, youth are encouraged to find a small intergenerational group to travel with.

Youth should also discuss the event and attending it with their sponsor beforehand.

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