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VIDEO: Keeping Your Campus Ministry Going

Posted by T. Resnikoff // December 15th 2016 // Future of Faith, Guides and Tools, UU Campus Qs // 3 comments

#UU Campus Q’s Episode Five

The Reverend Annie Gonzalez Milliken, the Young Adult and Campus Ministry Associate of the Unititarian Universalist Association Office of Youth and Young Adult Minisitries invites Matt Stidman and Marion Hirsch (narrated by Stephanie Carey Maron) to tackle the problem of transferring leadership of campus ministry so it continues even after you’re gone.

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(Spoiler alert: Marion’s narration is particularly animated!)

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Ted Resnikoff is the Digital Communications Editor at the Unitarian Universalist Association.
3 Responses to “VIDEO: Keeping Your Campus Ministry Going”
  1. Beth Banks says:

    Dear Annie, This is a great resource, and members of our Campus Committee sometimes get to see then through the efforts of the chair. I had no idea our denomination had so many campus programs.

    The idea you offered us some time ago was to connect with other organizations on campus. That definitely does take constant effort, and helps when there is a liberal religious campus group on campus. We’ll be linking the church and campus students together with our shared interest in supporting Islamic students on campus. We’ll give lots of PR at church for a 5K walk/run being done by the Muslim Student Association in January. It will be a win-win because it links the congregation with the campus students, and both with the larger Muslim community in Davis and Sacramento.Thanks for the idea, which is morphing into other ways of connection.

  2. Beth Banks says:

    My previous comment didn’t address this video at all! Sorry – here’s more.

    I appreciated all the ideas presented in the video, and would add one for Campus Ministry program sustainability. The recruitment with lots of notice, as well as portfolios are ideas I’m glad to be reminded of. Thanks!

    If the ministry is connected to a church, create a committee that is devoted to the campus programming, so the campus group has additional support.Their support doesn’t include running the programming, but they can provide additional resources and the awareness that there’s a larger UU presence on campus.

    Like many universities, many of our campus students come from a distance and may not know what cool things are available in the area. They also benefit from knowing the faculty and administrators who are UU and the church can help set up gatherings – if such gatherings are desired. Consider inviting alums to the group if they have settled in the town around the university!

    • Annie Gonzalez Milliken says:

      thanks for watching and adding your thoughts, Beth! all excellent points in terms of growth, outreach and stability. I’m really looking forward to being able to share more of the wisdom from Davis on BlueBoat next semester!

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