Read, Ye, Read, Ye! Assembled General Assemblys

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Can’t Get Enough? Neither Can We. For the second year running, Skinner House Books has produced an e-book selection of sermons and lectures from General Assembly. Available through the UUA Bookstore, click on the cover and make them yours…

Tell Us What Works and What to Improve

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GA ’13 Young Adult Caucus Survey Take our survey about Young Adults at General Assembly and Young Adult Caucus.  Your feedback helps us shape programming for upcoming General Assemblies. This survey is for ALL young adults (including those who bridged at GA), regardless of their participation in Young Adult Caucus this year as well as ANY attendee of ANY age who attended a Young Adult Caucus sponsored event, workshop, worship or session. Take the survey here. ( Your response is appreciated by Aug 1.    Thanks!

Tell Us What You Think

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GA ’13 Youth Caucus Survey This survey is for all youth who attended General Assembly in Louisville, KY (regardless of their participation in Youth Caucus events), and sponsors, parents or other adults who attended with them. Click here to take the survey. ( Thanks!    

96 Hours of GA’13 In 3:03 – With a Beat

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  “Soozarty” produced this impressive three minute video from still shots and videos she took attending General Assembly this year in Louisville, KY. If you were there you might see yourself here, and if you couldn’t be at GA this year you are likely to see a friend who was. Enjoy discovering, rediscovering or remembering the more than 130 programs, plenary speakers, public witness and celebrations that made General Assembly such a success!  

Derrick’s GA Adventure

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We repost the second installment in Derrick Christopher’s account of his experience as a member of the Young Adult Caucus at General Assembly 2013 in Louisville, Ky. You can follow Derrick on his blog, “Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Miami“. – Ed. Derrick’s General Assembly Recap – Part 2 – WEDNESDAY (Day 1: Roots, Wings, Banners, and Humility) WEDNESDAY – Finally, the big day had arrived.  I spent most of the morning watching highlights of Game 6 on ESPN in the hotel room but around midday it was time for Young Adult Orientation.  It’s always such a pleasure hanging with the YAs and especially hearing from the amazing YA leaders within our faith.  These folks are…

Video on Covenant from GA

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The Covenant of Unitarian Universalism Watch the video that opened Plenary sessions at General Assembly 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky here, to be reminded of our past, our covenant, and our future together as Unitarian Universalists.      

Drop in Dialogue @ GA

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Discuss how to grow UU Faith Greetings, Young Adult Folks! This year at General Assembly, young adults are going to have a great opportunity to have our voices heard in a meaningful way. On Saturday June 22nd from 12:00 – 1:30 pm, the UUA Board of Trustees is hosting a drop-in conversation for young adults centering around 3 questions that speak to how our UU faith might grow in the coming years. There will be conversation about the future of the traditional “congregation” as the center of spirituality and religious development. We’ll also address how decisions are made in our denomination now, how they might be made more democratically, and what we can do to…

“Cobalt and the Hired Guns” Play Synergy

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  Mix it Up(∞) With Some Pulsating(•) Hard Alloy(*)! Cobalt and the Hired Guns is a durable rock band that originated among some friends, Unitarian Universalist youth who attended youth con. They’ll be making a team effort (okay, enough with the puns), playing the Synergy Worship at General Assembly this year on Friday, June 21, between 8:30–10PM. (Check the GA schedule here.) Their music is described as enthusiastic, “shout-it-out” and fun – and how can you beat that?   From their website: Cobalt & the Hired Guns is about love and guts, energy and enthusiasm – refusing to pretend they aren’t having fun. Friends since they were just little buckaroos, the boys of Cobalt &…