Stop! Before Buying a Shiny New Gadget: Read This

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Consumer – Or Principled Consumer, Who Do You Want to Be? With the shiny new iPhone 6 just around the corner and that fancy Apple Watch that Jimmy Kimmel was able to convince passersby was the same as a $20 Casio watch – remember, smartphones aren’t just shiny they’re deadly. Your smartphone is one of the most dangerous things on the planet. No, not because it might explode at your ear if you use it while charging, nor because you can pop a piece of popcorn if you point enough phones at it and make them ring simultaneously. Those stories are just new urban myths. Your smartphone is one of the most dangerous things on…

Change the Climate for the Better

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And Change it for Good Although the effect of human activity on the climate is accepted (by most people), governments have thus far failed to address the problem collectively on a global scale with effective solutions that undo the damage done to the environment or the consequential injustices it has creates across the world. Arresting climate change can only be successfully addressed by the world community, and the United Nations (UN) has for several years tried to create that consensus. This September the UN will try again, hosting the Catalyzing Action Climate Summit 2014, at its headquarters in New York City. Representatives from hundreds of member states will be present, but this summit will be…

Economic Risk Greater for Minorities

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Economic Justice is for Everyone Jamelle Bouie explains the relationship between home ownership, poverty and risk, noting that the recession of 2008-2009 obliterated fully 31% of wealth and 28% of home-equity among blacks in America.   Read the full text of “The Crisis in Black Homeownership, How the recession turned owners into renters and obliterated black American wealth” by Jamelle Bouie on Slate.   Learn how the Unitarian Universalist Association fights for Economic Justice  

Economic Justice Is Not a Gift

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Tipped-Minimum Wage is  $2.13 hour. Some think that’s enough. Watch “The National Restaurant Association: Hard to Stomach” video, produced by Restaurant Opportunities United (ROC United), re-posted on Upworthy, with links to information on the tipped minimum wage and a video explaining what it is like to live on tipped-minimum wage to learn more about income and wage disparity in the restaurant industry. Learn how the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) promotes Economic Justice Participate in the UUA Common Read focused on Economic Justice

Economic Discrimination Starts at Home

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Mass Incarceration, Housing Discrimination  and Poverty are Linked Jamelle Bouie explains how systematic economic discrimination designed to deprive minorities the possibility of creating wealth through home ownership in the United States creates neighborhoods mired in poverty and unemployment. The Unitarian Universalist Association fights for Economic Justice The Unitarian Universalist Association rejects Racial Injustice The Unitarian Universalist Association believes in Social Justice Better understand the roots of Mass Incarceration and the racial dynamics of poverty by reading “How We Built the Ghettos” on The Daily Beast.

The Fight for a Fair Wage Goes On

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The Math Adds Up – the Politics Still Don’t The Federal Minimum Wage has not risen since 2009 although the Cost of Living (COL) in the United States has increased by 10% over the same period. Studies show that in real terms the purchasing power of the Middle Class has decreased since 1970 (Read this post by Karin Kamp on to understand how.) The people who are most hurt by the divergence between wages and COL are those who work for minimum wage.   The Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) believes in Economic Justice – don’t you? Together we transform belief into reality. Raising the minimum wage may lift some people out of poverty, but…